It Will Be More Expensive to Buy and Own Car in Norway

Environment Minister and Socialist Left Party (Sv) politician Bård Vegard Solhjell said his party plans to raise the purchase tax on cars that emit a lot of CO2 and lower it for cars that emit little CO2.

Conservative Party (H√łyre) climate spokesman, Nikolai Astrup also said they want to continue the tax exemption for environmentally friendly cars until 2020, to create a predictable market for investors, consumers and producers. 

A recent report from the Institute of Transport Economics, TOI shows how Norway can be a world leader in the transition to electric cars and so-called plug-in technology in the coming years. TOI report states that the transition to “green” cars can go even faster if the government continues to use taxes to make more expensive to purchase and run regular cars, while making environment friednly vehicles cheaper.

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