Biotechnology production from Malaysia at EURO-ASIA EXPO 2013

The BiotechCorp is an agency under Malaysian Government with the role to promote biotechnology in Malaysia.

Among exhibitors of the EURO-ASIA EXPO 2013 the following companies of a biotechnological cluster of Malaysia will be presented:

1. Tropical BioessenceSdnBhd produces natural flavours and fragrances (aromatheraphy oil, massage oil, essential oil, perfume and plant extracts, all from organic sources).

2. Ricca Peacock SdnBhd produces food flavours, fragrances, natural essential oil and basic aroma chemicals. 

3. Natural Wellness SdnBhd produces nutraceutical, functional foods and cosmetics products. Theproductsrender a positive effectsfor digestive systems, human health, memory and concentration supplement, detoxification.

The Organizing Committee of EURO-ASIA EXPO 2013 hopes on successful cooperation with the BiotechCorp Company and waits for guests and participants of honor from Malaysia.

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