EU Proposal Threaten Norwegian Airports

The European Commission wants to deprive airports with more than 200,000 travelers each year the opportunity to gain public support. Instead, they have to finance operations through fees, reports Aftenposten. Nowegian transport politicians are afraid of its consequences on local airports.

– We have not finished analyzing the proposal, but we fear that the damage will be great if this proposal is implemented, says Deputy Minister Geir Pollestad.

Only seven of the 46 airports made last year. This was the airports in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Bod√ł and √Ölesund. Therefore, Pollestad thinks Norwegian airports require significant government funding. EU sees this as a matter of free competition. But flying is part of the basic infrastructure in Norway, says he.

He has the support of the Conservative Party politician Lars Myraune and the Progress Party politician Bård Hoksrud, both sitting in Parliament’s transport committee.

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