Norwegian Wine Monopoly Sets Eye on Alcohol Sales at Airports

Last week, it was revealed with a report that every seven bottle wine and spirits in Norway is purchased at duty free shops and this can in the long term undermine the legitimacy, finance and social mission of Vinmonopolet. 

– If people stop buying from us, it disables us to build new stores and developing pole, said Vinmonopolet CEO Kai G. Henriksen to Aftenposten.

Duty free shops at most of the country’s airports are operated by Travel Retail Norway. The company extended its agreement with Avinor and OSL to continue the operation of the outlets last year. The agreement runs until 2021. 

OSL’s commercial director Espen Ettre finds Vinmonopolet’s proposal totally unacceptable. Tax free trade at an airport is very different from a liquor store. The majority of what we sell is perfume, cosmetics, chocolates and other things, says Ettre.

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