FrP Will Replace “Norwegian Model”

The Progress Party’s national convention was shaken by Jensen’s statements: “the Norwegian model stands on the way of the Norwegian people.”  

She proposed a list of disadvantages of the Norwegian model, and said that FRP can clean up these challenges. Long hospital queues, use of oil money and road construction were the three main issues which Jensen criticized. 

She said reducing long hospital queues may be expensive but it is more expensive for the state when patients go on sick leave , while they are waiting for operations they require. 

FrP leader also noted 600,000 people of working age are unemployed in Norway and this is expensive for society and politicians should be concerned about this situation. 

Another point Jensen criticized was the bureaucratic administration of road construction in the country.  She said Norway borrows money from abroad at a rate of 4-5 per cent for building roads, while Norwegian Pension Fund is avaialble for borrowing to other countries at a rate of around 1-2 percent. 

– The Fund is therefore helping to subsidize foreign road construction, while the same countries earn money on lending to Norwegian road construction. Oil revenues should increasingly be used to make economically profitable investments, said she. 

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