Norwegian Farmers Want Higher Customs for Meat and Vegetables

Norwegian Farmers’ Union (Norges Bondelag) and the Norwegian Farmers and Smallholders (Norsk Bonde- og Småbrukarlag) has prepared a proposal to be submitted for the parliamentary negotiation session that starts on Friday, writes Dagens Næringsliv. 

In recent years, especially meat import has increased as a result of insufficient domestic production. Farmers organizations want to increase the number of the animals for slaughtering as a response. The aim is to encourage larger herds, and more economically Norwegian meat production. 

– There is also room to increase tariffs further for fillet and lamb, says Norsk Bonde- og SmĂĄbrukarlag assistant secretary general John Petter Løvstad.

According to the newspaper, Norges Bondelag also believes that there are similar opportunities to increase tariffs on vegetables and fruits without coming into conflict with international agreements.

Farmer organizations’ collective requirements will be presented on Friday this week. 

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