Norway Needs Thousands of Professionals in Energy Sector

Planned billions of investments in the energy sector require many new professionals for the sector. Director of expertise and R & D at Energi Norge, Mona Askmann said to Nationen that planned investments equates to 140 billion NOK for the next ten years. 

But a new report by Thema Consulting for Energi Norge shows that around 30 percent of the industry will retire by 2020.

– Energi Norge estimates that the power industry needs 1,500 new employees each year for the next five years to meet the increased demand for skills, says Askmann.

She said that the need involves both engineers with the relevant education, and also skilled workers such as electricians and installers. 

– High activity, high average age and high occurence of early retirement are some of the key challenges facing the power industry, says Askmann. 

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