Norway and EU Condemns the Faroe Islands

Yesterday, the Faroe Islands have announced that they will take as much as 23% of the scientifically recommended quota in makarell for themselves. They have also announced that they will add to their unused quota from 2012. This may result in an increase in fishing. On herring, the Faroe Islands have now unilaterally more than tripled their quota. 

Norwegian and European Union authoities are concerned about the country’s decision and they hink this unilateral move risks affecting seriously the health and sustainability of fish stock. 

– We are worried about the announcement which was made yesterday by the Faroe Islands on their fishing quotas for Atlanto-Scandian herring and mackerel. We continue to be deeply concerned about the excessive and unsustainable level of Faroese fishing. We are deeply concerned that by taking yet another unilateral step and by leaving the community of coastal states on a second North Atlantic fish stock, the Faroe Islands have embarked on dismembering the joint management of our shared resources. We call on the Faroe Islands to reverse those steps immediately, said Hansen and Damanaki in a joint statement.

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