Lower Taxes in Norway to Sweden Level

Maundy Thursday of Easter has developed into a holiday associated with shopping for Norwegians. The so-called “harrytur” or “Sverigedag” is a common practice especially in Easter when Norwegians drive into Sweden and shop at the cheaper Swedish shopping centers near the Norwegian border, particularly in Strömstad.

FrP politician Harald Nesvik thinks the explosion in cross-border shopping is due to a distinctly Norwegian high level of taxation on cross-border goods. This affects Norwegian jobs and encourages smuggling and illegal sales of certain goods, according to Nesvik.

He notes that Norwegians spent about 11 billion NOK in Sweden last year. This represents thousands of jobs and it is a paradox to encourage the continuation of this situation, adds he.

– There are many good reasons to travel to Sweden in Easter, but savings in household budget should not be one of them, says Nesvik.

FrP politician calls for a strong reduction in taxes to normalize the level between Norway and Sweden. He believes it is about safeguarding Norwegian jobs, while ensuring consumers to have cheaper prices in Norway.

– Figures from Statistics Norway show that 80 percent of the population has been on “harrytur” to Sweden. It is high time to realize that Norwegians want Swedish prices in Norway, says Nesvik.

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