Norwegians Spend Record Amount of Money on Abroad

Last year Norwegians spent 77 billion NOK (13 Billion USD) on purchasing goods and services for traveling abroad, according to new figures from Statistics Norway (SSB). This is an increase of 8.9 percent from the previous year.

On the other hand, foreign tourists spend 30.8 billion NOK in Norway. This represents a gap of 37 billion NOK.

Director of tourism and culture organization in Virke, Hilde Charlotte Solheim said to NRK that it is not possible to take tropical trip from Norwegians but while traveling many times over the years, we forget attractive adventures and exciting things to do in Norway.

She also points out that hotel room in a foreign city quickly can cost up to 1200 NOK, and it is possible to get much cheaper deals in Norway.

Chief Economist at Nordea, Erik Bruce, is not as concerned as Solheim and he does not find the gap very disturbing but natural.

РIn Norway, people have high income and therefore can afford to travel more. While in many other countries, people face the challenges of traveling due to financial situation. So it’s really just a reflection of the fact that we are doing well, he says to NRK.

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