FrP Will Sell SAS

Scandinavian aviation giant, SAS now needs 3.5 billion SEK in credit to keep its operations. Norwegian government will have to contribute to this rescue operation with 500 million SEK. FrP’s Industrial policy spokesman, Harald T. Nesvik reacted to this scenario.

-SAS has acute money problems and bankruptcy. But this is not the first time that the airline must have fresh capital or guarantees from the owners. Since 2009, the Norwegian government has spent nearly 1.4 billion NOK tax money on various rescue operations for SAS. Enough is enough, says Nesvik.

FrP politician believes it is time to sell the shares of the company, owned by the Norwegian state. Already last year, the Parliament gave the government the authority to sell the company.

– You have to find the fastest possible output for the state. SAS needs to have an industrial partner that can help lift the company, and the airline market is better for private owners than the state, says he.

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