We Waste 1/4 of the Food We Buy

The research that will continue until 2015 is trying to analyze the food waste in Norway to be able to reduce the amount of waste. A report from the research done in 2011 has been published recently describing the amount and the content of the food waste in Norway.

According to the report for 2011 there is a total food-waste of 377,000 tonnes in Norway where 70% of the waste are from private households. The estimated value of the food being thrown away is 18-20 billion NOK and these numbers do not even include values from primary production, large households, hotels or restaurants. In average every person in Norway throws away 50 kg of food annually corresponding to 25% of all the purchased food. About 13 kg of the food waste consist of bread and other bakery products, 12 kg of fruits and vegetables and 11 kg of rests from prepared dishes. A significant amount of the food thrown away are in their original packaging and have not been opened at all. 

The total food wasted in Norway would be enough to feed 1.5 – 2 million people everyday. It is estimated that by reducing the waste by 25% in Europe and the USA there would be enough food to cover the nutritional needs of all those who are starving globally.

About ForMat

ForMat is a four-year collaboration project consisting of many agents along the value chain, to chart and minimise food waste in Norway. The food industry has taken responsibility and initiated the project.
The project is financed by the Food Program in Forskningsrådet, along with Østfoldforskning, Nofima Mat and SIFO partners.
The goals of the project:

  • To contribute to a 25% reduction in food waste by 2015
  • Corresponds to a value of 5 billion NOK (€650 million)
  • A realistic goal; requires an attitude shift, better knowledge and better daily routines
  • With 25 % reduction in wasted food in Europe and the USA, there would be sufficient food to cover the nutritional needs of all those who are starving globally.

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