FrP Fears about the Consequences of Increased Import Tariffs

The Government announced to increase tariff protection for Norwegian agricultural products. The tariffs on a range of agricultural products including cheese and meat will be increased.

The Progress Party’s agricultural policy spokesman, Torgeir Trældal, is worried about the government’s attempt to curb imports of agricultural products. 

– This will primarily affect Norwegian consumers who receive less choice and more expensive foods. Higher tariffs will lead to further proliferation of border trade and job losses in grocery stores in border municipalities, says Trældal.

He characterizes it pointless to raise tariffs when Norway already relies on importing both pork and beef because of high demand. According to the liberal-conservative politician, Norway needs to import thousands of tonnes of lamb and beef to meet demand in the market. 

– Here consumers are sacrificed to appease the the Centre Party. There is nothing to suggest that there is a popular demand for more expensive meat and dairy products in Norway.

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