The Nightmare of Consumers: Inkassovarsel

After being
trapped into “Inkasso”, most of us are not aware of what we can do to
handle this unwanted situation. Here, we provide some basic steps to take after
you receive a debt collection warning.

First of all,
always keep in mind that it is usually possible to negotiate with the service
providers. So, contacting the company for restructuring or extending the
deadline of your debt is usually a good move. If you receive a warning that you
think is incorrect, please immediately contact the company requesting payment.
Remember that it is always wise to be able to document that you have contacted
them. Take a copy of the letter, or write down who you spoke with.

If your
concerns are not manifestly unfounded, the claim will be considered to be
disputed. It cannot be run through ordinary collection. The case will then be
submitted to the conciliation court for a judicial decision.

If you
still receive a debt collection notice after your official complaint, you must
notify the debt collection company as soon as possible. Send them the letter
originally sent to you, and remember to keep everything in writing. The
matter should then be discontinued. The seller must prove that the bill is
correct and they can take the matter to conciliation in order to get a
clarification on the matter.

If the debt
collection company does not stop enforcement of the claim despite the fact that
you have objected, you may appeal against the debt collection company to the
Debt Collection Complaints Board (Inkassoklagenemnda).

Companies Have
to Follow Approved Collection Practices

Under any of
these circumstances, the creditor or collection agency must act in accordance
with the fair debt collection practices. This means that they cannot use
methods that expose you to excessive pressure, damage or inconvenience.

If the
creditor or collection agency violates fair debt collection practices, all or
part of the costs of collection effort can be eliminated. But only the costs of
the collection effort are eliminated. The original claim does not fall away
because of the violation.

contacted in an offensive way, late at night, and while on holiday or you are
offered a loan to cover the debt all fall in violation of fair debt collection

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