Substantial share of foreign market funding

A total of 76.4 per cent of this funding came from foreign sources. This was a slight decrease compared to end-March figures, but still a high share compared to previous periods. 

Total foreign money market funding in banks was nearly NOK 1 116 billion at end-April 2012. This was a decrease of NOK 38 billion compared to the previous month, and an increase of NOK 200 billion compared to end-April 2011.

Banks’ total money market funding amounted to nearly NOK 1 460 billion at end-April 2012; a decrease of NOK 11 billion from NOK 1 470 billion at end-March. This level of banks’ money market funding was the highest since July 2010.

Still high share of inter-bank loans

The Norwegian banks’ loans from other banks were nearly NOK 831 billion at end-April this year; this equals 56.9 per cent of total money market funding, and was a 1 percentage point decrease compared to the previous month.

Foreign inter-bank loans amounted to NOK 766 billion at end-April 2012. This equals a share of 52.4 per cent of banks’ total money market funding. This share fluctuates from month to month, which may be affected by fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. The share of foreign inter-bank loans of total market funding has remained stable above 50 per cent since May 2011.

Stable share of bond loans

In addition to inter-bank loans, the banks finance loans through short-term security loans, bond loans and F-loans from the Norwegian central bank. The banks’ bond loans amounted to NOK 441 billion at end-April 2012, which equals a 30.2 per cent share of their total money market funding. Bond loans have been a stable 30 per cent share of market funding since September 2011. A total of 42.3 per cent of banks’ total bond loans stem from foreign banks.

The banks’ short-term security loans were almost NOK 178 billion at end-April this year; a decrease of 6.7 per cent compared to the last month. Most short-term security loans in banks are foreign. F-loans from the Norwegian central bank were NOK 10 billion at end-April 2012.

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