Conservatives will Increase the Price of Day Care and Smoking

Conservative Party (H√łyre) finance policy spokesman, Jan Tore Sanner said prices today are reasonable compared to the prices in 2005 and suggested for revision of national budget. Accordingly, the party proposes to increase of daycare prices by 200 NOK per month, from the current 2,300 NOK. This increase will bring revenues of NOK 873 million to the budget.

– We believe it is important to ensure that those with the lowest income receive a lower price than those with higher incomes, says Sanner to

The party is also committed to increase tobacco taxes by five percent, which they believe will provide the state 110 million NOK additional revenue.

– Because we want to limit smoking, price is an important tool. Besides, we can ensure that fewer young people start to smoke, while some smokers quit after increasing tobacco taxes, adds Sanner.

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