Highest rent increase for 2-room dwellings in Norway

The rental market survey by Statistics Norway (SSB) showed that the development in average rents has been similar throughout the different geographical regions. As expected, the average monthly rent in Oslo including B√¶rum showed the highest rent level, with an average monthly rent of NOK 8 961 in the first quarter of 2012.

Highest increase for dwellings with two rooms

For dwellings with two rooms, rents increased by 1.1 per cent from the fourth quarter 2011 to the first quarter 2012. The lowest increase in this quarter was for dwellings with one room, where rents went up by 0.5 per cent.

Average monthly and yearly rents, by number of rooms. NOK
monthly rents, 
Q1 2012
yearly rents 
per sqm, 
Q1 2012
1 room1 4 995 2 027
2 rooms 5 798 1 399
3 rooms 6 682 1 157
4 rooms 7 103  952
5 rooms or more 7 446  843
1  Lodgings without independent access are 

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