Me Tarzan, You Jane

This result is revealed from a very recent study which was
conducted by Synovate for DNB. Meanwhile, figures from Statistics Norway show
that in every four couples woman earns more. Consumer economist in DNB, Silje
Sandmæl, is amazed that so many more men than women see themselves as the
family’s main breadwinner.

Although men on average still earn more than women, there is
no strong data to suggest that men should see themselves in that way. What is
also strange is that the men with low income see themselves as the main breadwinner
more often than the men earning higher wages. It shows that our attitudes are
still governed by traditional gender roles. The men will continue to be Tarzan
and women will be Jane.

Most women currently have means to be able to take financial
responsibility themselves, according to Sandmæl. According to SSB 40 per cent
of women work in part-time jobs compared to 14 percent of men. This means that
it is the woman who is affected worst if the relationship breaks.

At the same time twice as many men as women are saving for
retirement. Only five percent of women say that they save for retirement. 

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