Mass Immigration to Norway from South Europe

Talking to Dagbladet, Swedish economist Stein Reegård said the Scandinavian countries face a flood of workers from the Mediterranean area. Then he asked: Does these countries have the capacity and resiliency needed to deal with these people. 

The chief economist at Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB) reminds the development in Latvia, where 10 percent of the population has moved out of the country in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008. SEB economist says to Dagbladet that it is difficult to predict how much labor migration will be from countries such as Greece, Portugal and Spain. 

– The negative consequence could be that these countries are drained of knowledge and experience, ie a so-called brain drain, said he.

Unemployed Europeans End Up on Streets in Norway


Entitlement to unemployment benefit earned in another EEA country can be transferred to Norway using form E-301 from the country where you used to work. The conditions for transferring the rights must be met. One of the conditions is that you have worked full-time in Norway for at least eight weeks. The work must have started within 12 weeks of your arrival in Norway and have been completed within a 12-week period.


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