Gasoline Prices Peak, Tax Deduction is Required.

Official list price of 95 octane gasoline in the country's
largest chain of petrol station, Statoil climbed up to NOK 16/liter. FrP
transport policy spokesman Bard Hoksrud reacted to the latest increase saying,
"People do not drive a car for fun. Not everyone lives in the center and
use public transport at all times."

– Children should be driven to kindergartens, schools and
leisure activities. Families with small children, who live in places where
there is no public transport, are particularly hit by high gasoline prices,
said Hoksrud.

He called the government to take action and ensure that the
gasoline tax is reduced to remove the burden on these people. Hoksrud also
noted that Norway sell as much oil and gas out of the country and the cash from
this trade flows to the oil fund.

The astronomic increase in the prices is attributed to the
conflict between Iran, which is one of the world's largest oil producers, and
large parts of the world in addition to harsh winter conditions all over the

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