– We Have Something to Learn from Norway

–    Today we can assuredly talk about the result-oriented cooperation between our countries. We raise new challenges and we think about the future. In view of oncoming huge investment projects, the Murmansk region prioritizes cooperation activities within oil-and-gas sector, border-crossing checkpoints, and construction of a modern high-capacity customs terminal.

According to Dmitrienko, another important vector of cooperation is small and medium business development. ‘I am sure that establishing joint ventures and production assets we will help border residents fulfill their needs’, he said.

–    I admit we have something to learn from our Norwegian partners. However, we also have some potentialities in different spheres that have not yet been realized. For instance, Russky Losos [salmon breeding company] is an existing example of bilateral cooperation, said Dmitrienko.

The conference will be held for two days to discuss political, social and energy development of the northern area. The agenda merges into Barents Spektakel festivities

November 2011, in Russian border town of Nikel, there premiered the alike conference to discuss border issues and customs irregularities. ‘That conference proved how highly we evaluate the importance of our cooperation and further perspectives’, said Dmitrienko today. ‘It is important that our initiatives have echoed in industrial and business spheres on both sides of the border’, he added.

Kirkenes Conference can be viewed online


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