How Can You Choose the Cheapest Taxi Service in Norway

There are large price differences between
taxi centers, and price information at taxi stops is not adequate. It is too
difficult – almost impossible – to choose the least expensive taxi in Norway,
according to the Forbrukerrådet's test.

“We see that it is too complicated to
compare taxi rates, and the absence of price information on the stops makes it
difficult to choose the least expensive taxi,‚ÄĚ says Director for Transport at
Forbrukerrådet, Anne Haabeth Rygg.

Test results show that the price
information on the cars is not useful to assess the price on the spot. Fifteen
of 24 cars have price postings in the car or on the route, but this is, in practice,
not readable and usable as a basis for comparison as each trip consists of at
least three price elements and requires some calculation.

“Moreover, it is too complicated and
awkward for people to compare prices by going down the taxi line and looking at
the price list in the car window,‚ÄĚ says Rygg. She adds that it is a shame that
no one offers consumers a real price comparison today.

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