Norway Welcomes 2010 with New Sales Tax

The tax for dairy and poultry has increased, while the rates go down for lamb and eggs. The rates for cattle and pigs are not changed.

The maximum sales charge for the sheep meat went down by 50 √łre to 2 NOK on the basis of market conditions. Also, the rate of tax on chicken and turkey increased by 7 to 24 √łre per kg. The changes will be in force from 1 January 2012.

Sales taxes will 1 January 2012 be:

cow and goat milk       

8 √łre per liter

beef and veal

maximum 2 NOK per kg

meat of sheep and lamb

2 NOK  per kg


2 NOK  per kg


¬†70 √łre per kg

meat of chicken

24 √łre per kg

meat of turkey

24 √łre per kg

fur skins

1.0% of sales price

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