High Expectation for Petroleum Investment in 2012

Theestimate has increased by 13 billion (7.6%) since the third quarter. Petroleuminvestment is expected to be 32 billion (21%) higher in the coming year than inthis year. In particular, field development investment will increase. Measuredin current prices, the investment is estimated to be the highest ever givensince Statistics Norway started the survey in 1985.

Theestimate of investment in the current year is increased by NOK 0.9 billion toNOK 152.2 billion. In particular, increased investments in field developmentand exploration contribute to the increase in the forecast, while the newfields have a lower expectation than was previously estimated. NOK 39.7 billionwas paid for investments in field development in 2011 with an increase of NOK1.1 billion. 

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