KrF Demands Higher Taxes from the Richest

– The

increased income gap in Norway must be met with concrete measures. KrF

encourages the coalition to vote for their tax proposals, says KrF fiscal

policy spokesman Hans Olav Syversen.


Statistical figures show a strong increase in wage inequality in Norway. In

this frame, KrF proposed the introduction of a new step 3 of the surtax of 15

percent for people earning more than NOK 1.5 million a year. At the same time,

the party proposes tax cuts for ordinary wage earners through an increased

minimum standard deduction.

– The new

Statistics figures confirm a global trend towards increased wage inequality.

Globalization and new technology create salary winners and losers. Instead of

protecting us against globalization, we must distribute the gains of

globalization better, says Syversen.

The party

also advocates the removal of the inheritance tax completely.

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