Norway Combats «Buy now – Pay later»

Minister Audun Lysbakken said payment problem is a bad start in adulthood. The Ministry hopes the conference can create a dialogue around the topic, and be a good venue to discuss measures.

The conference will seek answer to questions of buy now – pay later – when everything can be bought today and paid in the future – are young adults in the luxury trap? What can be done with it?

25% of those registered with the default action in Norway is under 25 years. The increase in payment defaults has been greatest among young adults. It is usually attributed to massive marketing of both the credit, goods and services or for large loans.

Time: 21 November 2011 at 10.00-16.00 Location: Ingeniørenes hus, Kronprinsens gate 17, 0251 Oslo

Audun Lysbakken will speak at the conference from 10 to 10.30.

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