Higher Diesel Taxes and Tolls Come

It becomes very difficult for Norway to achieve its own goals for greenhouse gas emissions, according to the OECD report. The organization recommends higher fuel taxes and tolls in the whole road network in the country to reduce car use.

While the report described Norway as a leader in certain areas, the organization believes that Norway is still struggling to reach the agreed cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent till 2020.

Diesel should be more expensive

According to the OEACD report, the transport sector accounts for more than a third of the Norwegian greenhouse gas emissions. Hence, the report criticizes that Norway's decreasing fuel taxes in recent years to adjust the inflation, and the organization wants higher fuel taxes, especially in diesel.

– There is no environmental justification for why the taxes in diesel are lower than on gasoline. It should actually be the opposite, since the emissions of CO2 per liter is 12 percent higher than for gasoline, writes the report.

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