Fast Food Wars Begin on May 17th

The Swedish fast food giant plans to open ten new restaurants in Norway during the next five years, with the long-term goal of having a significant share of the market, which requires up to 50 restaurants.

– “We are completely different than McDonald's and Burger King. We serve hamburgers with a totally different quality,” says Max’s CEO Richard Bergfors to Dagsavisen.

Bergford also suggests they will overtake a large amount of market share from McDonald's and Burger King, as the market continues to increase as a result of international and local trends in eating habits.

Today in Norway, McDonald's has 71 restaurants, while Burger King has 32. In Sweden, Max has overwhelmed the American fast food chains. A study published in Max's website shows that 32 percent of consumers prefer hamburgers from Max, while respectively 18 and 15 percent prefer McDonald's and Burger King.

About Max

Today, MAX is a nationwide chain in Sweden and it is run by the Bergfors family with Richard and Christoffer Bergfors as President and Vice President, respectively. With a turnover of EUR 121 million 2009, Max is the second largest hamburger chain in Sweden.

A family business

Curt Bergfors, the founder of Max, is still active as chairman of the board. Richard Bergfors is the President and Christoffer Bergfors is the Vice President, both sons to Curt. The Bergfors family owns the company.

The industry's most satisfied customers

In the industry customer satisfaction surveys, Max consistently rates on top. According to the customer satisfaction surveys conducted by ISI Wissing, Max had the highest customer satisfaction index for the ninth year in a row. And according to the population surveyed by SIFO and ISI Wissing in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Max has the best hamburgers in Sweden.

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