Loses Billions on Cue

The survey conducted by the Bergen Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with business associations in Oslo, Trondheim, Tromso, Kristiansand, Stavanger, revealed that that of those who suffer economic losses, has a third lost over two hours in line. With an hourly rate of £ 550 indicate that the private sector in the cities outside Oslo loses over ten billion a year. Only in the Bergen region is the annual loss of 3.8 billion РThese figures show that we are in the process of getting an infrastructure that is in no way sustainable for either business or society in general, "says Managing Director Marit Warncke.

The average is 45 percent of the members of Business Alliance who have suffered economic losses as a result of reduced congestion during the year. Over 60 percent of those responding that they uketlig sits more than an hour in line. The largest is the problem for Western Commerce and Industry, which underlines the importance of a new Sotra-lines. The results confirm the importance of accessibility for business and Bergen Chamber of Commerce will actively use the results towards municipal elections in September.

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