Stricter Sanctions against Social Dumping

Increased labour immigration has led to problems with social dumping in some industries. Social dumping is deemed to be present both if foreign employees are subject to breaches of health, safety and working environment regulations and if they are paid wages that are unacceptably low.The Government’s action plan against social dumping contains measures that are intended to contribute to the necessary regulations being put in place and to ensure compliance with the regulations.

labor Minister Hanna Bjurstrøm said they will propose to strengthen sanctions against municipalities so that the authorities may intervene with the suspension and fines of social dumping.

She also emphasized that it is the municipalities’ responsibility to ensure that contractors provide their workers’ wages and working conditions in line with national wage agreements.

Labour Minister will also meet with the social partners in the folowing days and discuss the purchasing practices of the state and municipal sector.

“I want a discussion on how we can prevent social dumping, which is spreading in central and local government sector”, said Bjurnstrøm.

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