Tax Authorities Clamp Down on Bloggers

Blogging has evolved from hobby to a commercial activity. Norwegian bloggers earn thousands of Kroners through their personal blogs. However, the income from this channel was out of control for the tax administration. Therefore, they direct attention to the flow of money in blogging business.

– Currently we are at a stage where we perform checks among bloggers. For many, this activity may have started as a harmless hobby, but eventually they can get ad revenue and donations, says tax adviser Havard Moldjord to Aftenposten.

Through the controls, the tax authorities hope to identify bloggers who seem – through ads on the page – to have a certain income from the business. They operate with the organization and are listed in corporate and tax registry.

Bloggers in Norway

There is no accurate record of the blog business. It is estimated that there are about 200 bloggers in Norway who earn at least 5,000 NOK per month. A few of them have incomes over 20,000 NOK. But many of them are unaware of the fiancial rules to follow.

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