Here is Norway's Best Bank

In the annual assessment, Nordea Bank won the victory this year. Norsk familieøkonomi wrote that Nordea is generally good at most of their banking services, and especially good at loan for 2 million.

On the other hand, the last year's winner Postbanken took the second place on the list, while DnB NOR ended in the 4th place. Online Banks pioneer; Skandiabanken jumped up from 51th place to the 3rd place surpassing DnB NOR. Skandia Bank is also one of the few online banks that offer both loans, checking account, high interest account and BSU.

The major banks again dominated the top of the best banks, while the bottom of the list was characterized by smaller independent savings banks. The report also confirms this year that it is difficult for smaller independent savings banks to keep pace with the terms of the larger banks in the market. This trend has worsened over the last couple of years. But these banks still have loyal customers and a strong position in the community.

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