Christmas' blessed Norwegian brand

A recent survey conducted by Synovate, on behalf of Nortura , which owns the leading Norwegian meat processing company brand Gilde, revealed the Christmas brand of Norway in people’s minds.

1002 people have been asked “Which brand do you associate most with Christmas?” without giving any option. 21 percent of the respondents said “Gilde”, that is the main manufacturer of both ribs, lamb and Christmas pickle in Norway, is the first brand coming to their minds. Coca-Cola followed Gilde with 11 percent, while Jesus and Santa Claus received only 4 percent.

About Gilde

Gilde is a brand name used by the Norwegian meat processing company Nortura on its red meats, including pig. The mother company is responsible for the slaughterhouses while marketing and distribution is managed by the subsidiary Gilde Norge BA.

Until 2006 the brand was managed by the agricultural cooperative Gilde Norsk Kjøtt who then merged with Prior Norge to form Nortura. The brand was first used in Northern Norway by the local meat cooperatives in 1959, and became a national brand in 1964.

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