Bergen Group Awarded Contract for Frigate Maintenance

The project involves the planning, coordination and execution of scheduled maintenance, corrective maintenance and other additional works. During certain periods, the project will employ 120 operators and technical staff. A large number of external equipment suppliers will also carry out work on board. The project will be executed at the quays at Laksevåg and the Navy's main base at Haakonsvern just outside Bergen.

"For Bergen Group Maritime Service this contract award is an important milestone in a long-term strategy to further develop our expertise and capacity related to complex maritime projects. The Navy is a demanding customer, which is challenging us constructively on precisely these areas", says Terje Arnesen, Executive Vice President in Bergen Group Maritime Service.

Bergen Group's cooperation with the Norwegian Navy dates back to 2002 when the shipyard took over the traditions of many years of collaboration between the Navy, BMV Laksevåg and the former Mjellem & Karlsen shipyard.

The new frigates are very complex ships, and this demands a high level of competence and quality in the implementation of such a project. The awarded contract includes 800 specific job packages, each of which requires extensive documentation throughout the process until the final reports.

The main routine of HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen requires extensive cooperation between Bergen Group Laksevåg and technical personnel from the Navy. An important product of the collaboration is the development of an experience base, which will be used for later work. Both parties are entering a challenging period of building competence in relation to the work on the complex systems on board. The project organization is therefore optimized in order to ensure efficient communication in the project period. Navy representatives will have integrated offices with the shipyard's project managers, and the shipyard's project organization will also be onsite at the Navy's main base when the work continues there.

Bergen Group Laksevåg is part of the listed company Bergen Group's Maritime Service division. This division had a turnover of NOK 323 million in 2009. Total revenue for Bergen Group in 2009 amounted to NOK 5.1 billion. The group has a total of 1,800 employees spread over a number of companies along the Norwegian coast from Stavanger in the south to Kirkenes in the north.

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