Norways Seeks Opportunities in the Middle East

The 2010 Annual Forum takes place in Oslo on November 10 – 11. This First Annual Forum illuminates the political challenges and business opportunities that Norwegian businesses and investors encounter when investing in the Gulf region and in Iraq.

Formal and informal political structures, cultural and religious differences and a shifting security situation necessitate in-depth analysis and insights from top-level analysts in the Middle East. The Norwegian Risk Forum provides networking opportunities, sharing of experiences and lessons learned and new connections creating new opportunities for Norwegian businesses in an international environment.


Top-level analysts from the Middle East come to Oslo to present their up-to-date insights and thoughts on how Norwegian businesses can enter into the Gulf region and Iraq, while understanding the risks and opportunities.

State Secretary Rikke Lind held opening statement at the conference Norwegian Risk Forum in Oslo. In his introduction State Secretary Lind focused on the importance of CSR for Norwegian companies establishing themselves abroad.

– Emerging markets play an increasingly important role in Norwegian industry. When Norwegian companies enter into these markets, we want to assist them, "said Lind.


Norway has recently negotiated a trade agreement with GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Countil * (GCC) is a customs union comprising of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia). Innovation Norway also opened an office in the UAE in 2008.

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