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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) announced this year's Human Development Report and launched the Human Development Index. The index provides a measure of a country's ability to give its people opportunities to improve their living conditions. Just as in the previous years,Norway has been ranked on the top of the index.

– I am happy that Norway remains on the top of the index. This is a tribute to the efforts of people in our country. We still have challenges in health, education and welfare. These are areas the government is working to strengthen, “said Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg also said thar there is reason to rejoice over the long term, positive changes in most people's lifestyles and choices since UNDP began reporting 20 years ago. The world is a much better place today than in 1990. Since UNDP started reporting 20 years ago, now we see positive changes in most people's lifestyles and choices.

– But we must still continue to focus on the huge differences in living conditions and opportunities among the countries. The key to human development lies in a more equitable distribution. This applies both within each country and in relations between north and south. We see that the countries that score low in the education and health are also the countries with a spoon west distribution of wealth. A skewed distribution between men and women hinders human development. It requires political will for a fair distribution of public goods such as health and education, “said Stoltenberg.

About the Index

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has prepared reports of human development for 20 years. This year's report looks at the long-term changes in each country: how people live, and what opportunities they have. The report also highlighted dishes skewed distribution of income and provision of health and education. Given the financial crisis, it also asks whether today's development is sustainable.

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