Worse Conditions for Business

The government proposes a new property tax for commercial properties. Accordingly, municipalities will be allowed to tax all commercial property that is not explicitly excluded in property tax law. These include the service sector, such as hotels, shops and offices.

The conservative MP, Michael Tetzschnerat critized the new tax in a time when large parts of Norwegian industry is struggling with financial problems.

– This shows traditional red-green policies that create worse conditions for business. Private businesses are the backbone of the Norwegian economy. This additional tax will reduce companies' ability to hire new employees, which can lead to higher unemployment, "said Tetzschner.

He is also critical of the government's priority of public sector.- We have a dominating public bureaucracy in recent years. It is worrying that this will now be financed from the new business strain, says the conservative politician.

Tetzschner also suggested that conservatives want a policy where one seeks to keep bureaucracy to a reasonable level, and also stimulate new entrants in the industry.

He concluded his remarks stating that it is important to improve the framework for small and medium-sized businesses. Taxation of commercial property means that the threshold to start a new business is more iddficult to achieve and therefore, it is important to ensure lower threshold, so that more people can start their own business and realize their ideas and visions.

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