It is better not to Work in Norway

According to NRK, figures from the Parliament's own report show that many who receive social help will lose benefit if they choose to work more than 22,5 hours. Therefore, it is more profitable to stay on welfare rather than to work as much as you can, according to the report.

Worse for Those With Children

When the person who has gone on welfare have children, the income will fall more because the child support money is added to their income. Many think that it's very unreasonable, and totaly against the system objective.

The Norwegian MP from Conservative Party(H√łyre), Thorbj√łrn R√łe Isaksen asked Parliament's investigation section to look at the numbers. He also remarked the figures show that it is not worthwhile to go out in the workplace, which is against one of the foundations of our welfare state.

As response to Isaksen's inquiry, Torgeir Michaelsen,the chairman of the finance committee, said they will look at the issue as early as possible in next year when they review the tax reform.

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