Environmentally friendly transportation should be rewarded – Not Punished

Christian Democratics (KrF) demand taxes on environmentally friendly cars and fuel should be lowered. Good environmental policy is to encourage the right environmental choices – even when it leads to reduced revenues for the state, according to a statement from KrF.

-History repeats itself in the government’s tax policy. Promises of greener taxes end up in the opposite way. Last year, the people using biodiesel cars were punished with the removal of tax exemption and full stop in turnover. Now the Government will swing the whip of bioethanol and electric cars, said in the statement.

Christian Democratic Party representatives noted that they believe tax exemption for bioethanol must be maintained. Also, they asked for change in the composition of the fuel taxes in line with the Swedish model to make biofuels competitive in the market.

The Christian Democratic Party(KrF) was founded in 1933. The party follow Their European counter -party In Many ways , arguing That the Hubble state care for its Citizens but not get Otherwise economically involved . In the late 1990s They positioned restriction elves as a family- friendly party. The Party is an observer member of the European People’s Party (EPP ).

In social policy the Christian Democratic Party general garden rally conservative opinions. Wed life issues, the party oppose euthanasia, and abortion. Since the party was Established , a declaration of Christian faith has Been required if a person is asking two elected two a position of trust in the party. The increase of support from The Other religions , including Islam , have stimulated efforts two abolish this rule .

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