ONS 2010 Completed with New Inspirations

“Such events offer participants the opportunity to present their works, to announce the company’s profile and identify its market position relative to other companies,” – the representatives of the French oil and gas giant Total said.

“Here we can discuss the urgent problems of the industry. Moreover, new contacts are established and old ones are improved,” – noted, in turn, Bergny Irene Dahl, a member of “Innovation Norway”, state owned company promoting nationwide industrial development and advising the national business to foreign investments.

Dahl also noted the growing interest of the Norwegian mining sector to foreign projects as local oil reserves at home are being depleted. So, on Friday it became known that “Innovation Norway” and the Brazilian oil company Petrobras signed an agreement on technological cooperation, which will facilitate the entrance for Norway to the one of the fastest growing regional markets.

According to organizers, 1351 companies from 32 countries represented their activities in an area of 20.500 square meters. According to preliminary estimates, the number of visitors who came from more than 100 countries is exceeded the number of 40 thousand people.

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