Industrial Espionage Warning in Oil Exhibition

Foreign agents use Offshore Northern Seas(ONS) oil exhibition in order to obtain information and make contacts , according to PST, writes NRK Website. The website also reported PST's head, Janne Kristiansen's cautions. Kristiansen warned that the agents are spying on the development of new technologies and using ONS to gain access to secret information and make contacts . She said the agents pretend to be buyers or journalists and uses fair to make contacts .

PST authorities also stated that many other states may have an interest in the technology Norway has and places like ONS are suitable for getting necessary information from many companies which do not realize that they are being spied on.

PST Had Warned Against Increased Espionage in Norway

Previously, Police Security Service had mentioned that intelligence operations against Norway has reached to a higher than during the Cold War on its annual report .

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