New initiative to prevent illegal import of waste

The minister, Erik Solheim says it is already done much to prevent illegal waste imports to Norway in the wake of Western Tank accident in 2007.

– Customs and Climate and Pollution Control Directorate has a good cooperation in the area, and Climate and Pollution Control Directorate , together with a number of other state authorities established procedures for inspection of cargoes to Norway . We have also intensified the control of hazardous waste reception to ensure that they comply with the requirements under the Pollution Control Act.

Climate and Pollution Control Directorate (then the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority ) reported both Western Tank AS and Trafigura for breach of the Pollution Control Act. In March this year, two people connected to the West Tank AS sentenced to imprisonment for a number of factors , including not having had the necessary permits for operations at the plant. Penalties are the highest that is imposed for environmental crimes in Norway . The ruling has been appealed. Criminal case against Trafigura has now been dismissed by √ėKOKRIM.

Trafigura waste delivered to the West Tank AS, stemmed from the industrial production of ships in international waters. Policy for the illegal cross-border waste shipments only applies to shipments between states , not from international waters into a state, and √ėKOKRIM have not found reason to prosecute Trafigura for pollution regulation in the Pollution Control Act ¬ß 7

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