Norway Performs Well on Work Safety

In Norway, TNS Gallup conducted telephone interviews with managers and safety representatives in 950 companies. During the process, 36,000 telephone interviews covering both the private and public sectors were done in 31 countries.

In the survey, respondents were asked about the safety measures undertaken in the workplace, the main drivers to start working and measures for preventing the implementation of such measures.

The results of the survey indicate that the majority of European businesses are positively engaged in the safeguarding of health, environment and safety in the workplace. While there are sometimes wide variations between countries and sectors and between large and small businesses.

The key findings from the survey include:

•About 75 percent of the surveyed enterprises at European level and about 90 percent of the Norwegian, report that they have an established system in the form of a documented policy, a fixed management system, or a set plan of action for the working environment.

•Over 80 per cent of Norwegian companies have established systems to safeguard the working environment.

•Compared to European companies, Norwegian firms also makes highly routine analysis of sickness absence. While over 70 percent of Norwegian companies make such analysis, Only 50 percent of the European companies do this.

•Norwegian and Scandinavian companies spend a lot of specialist services such as ergonomists and psychologists in their health and safety work. While this is above average in Europe, they lie below the average in the use of general expertise as company doctors, safety experts and general consulting services aimed at the working environment.

•Swedish and Norwegian companies reporting to the greatest extent that time pressure is a problem. Meanwhile Norwegian companies report that they have more procedures for dealing with work-related stress.

•Norway is the country where most businesses (87 percent) report that a union is represented locally in the business, and it is also among the countries that have a particularly high incidence of safety representatives (92 percent).

•Norway is also among the countries where most businesses report that they involve the employees in the design and implementation of measures against the psychosocial work environment problems.

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