Oil and Electric Car War in Norway

The oil industry has commissioned a report which recommends that the tax exemption for electric cars in Norway should be removed. The electric car manufacturers reacted strongly, writes Klassekampen.
According to the newspaper’s report, tHe fleet operator for electric vehicles, Miljøbil Grenland (Environmental Cars Grenland), reacted that the report is very strongly influenced by those who have ordered it andcommissioned by the Norwegian Institute of Petroleum (NP). However, NP denies that they want to damage the electric car industry. They also expressed that they do not believe that the report contains no proposals, but only compares the measures that are in use.
General secretary of NP, Inger-Lise M. Nøstvik said they just wanted to initiate a debate for other measures to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector other than electric car, such as using of biofuels.
– Electric vehicle manufacturers in Norway reacted strongly to the proposals in the report. According to them the result will be destroying all electric car production. No, we want to bring up a debate about what kind of instrument package, and what kind of instruments we can bring, Nøstvik commented to Klassekampen.

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