Norway Banned from EU Waters

Europian Union unexpectedly closed its waters to Norwegian fishermen on Friday night. 30 boats fishing Mackerel fish had to return home as they faced the ban.

State Secretary Vidar Ulriksen stated the excluding approach of EU authorities is a clear violation of the bilateral agreement between Norway and the EU. He reminded,Norway, in general, has had a good and close cooperation with the EU in fisheries issues in recent years, and the EU’s decision came so unexpectedly. “I am surprised and disappointed by the EU’s conduct in this matter, “said he. He continued his criticism telling that “Fisheries agreements are the result of negotiations in which both parties must give and take. It is therefore not acceptable that the EU takes steps in violation of the agreement. We consider, therefore, further Norwegian responses to EU.”

Also, Norway’s ambassador to the EU, Oda H. Sletner, had a meeting with general Fokion Fotiadis in the European Commission to convey a formal Norwegian protest on Friday afternoon. Dialogue with the European Commission will continue next week.

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