Tough Days awaits for DOM in Northern Iraq

Eventhough suspension on the Norwegian energy company DOM’s shares is over in Oslo Stock Market, the company has to clear the problem.

DNO asked even though that share was suspended on Tuesday and Wednesday so that the company could have time to clarify the situation in Iraq. Suspension came after the stock exchange introduced a matching halt on Monday afternoon.

Barred from oil fields

The company has been banned from the Kurdish province in Northern Iraq where the company has most of its values for six weeks.

The ban happened after the Kurdish minister of natural resources, Ashti Hawrami’s harsh threats revealed. Havrami had bought the DNO shares for 175 million last year and one DNO official had commented on media that they are strongly against the idae that the politicians in the region enrich themselves personally at the oil trade.

Afterward, the Kurdish minister threatened the DNO to throw out of northern Iraq if it fails to restore Kurdish Regional Government’s honor after a those negative media coverage.

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