Breeding Cooperation between Norway and Brazil

Fisheries and Coastal Minister Helga Pedersen met her Brasil counterpart to discuss how Norway can contribute to more environmentally friendly food production through aquaculture in the Amazon. Brazil’s authorities want to invest in fish farming as an alternative to meat, to contribute to less felling of rainforest.

Brasilian minister, Altemir Greg Olin, visits Aqua Nor with a large delegation consisting of representatives from government, research institutions and private sector. The purpose is to see how Norway and Norwegian companies can contribute to the development of fish farming in Brazil. A special seminar was held during the Brazil-Aqua Nor to liaise between the farming community in Norway and Brazil.

Norway and Brazil had signed a cooperation agreement for development of fish farming and other areas of common interest earlier this year. Brazil and Norway are both active in international fisheries negotiations, and the two ministers will also discuss how to continue the fight against illegal fishing internationally.

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