Think Global moving abroad

Norwegian Electric car manufacturer, Think will close down in Norway and move vehicle production to Finland and the United States according to Norwegian daily newspaper, VG’s report. But officially, Think did not confirm the news, citing ongoing debt negotiations that need to be taken care of before moving out

The newspaper claimed that A group of Norwegian and foreign investors are working to preserve the company. As a part of this plan, Norwegian Electric Cars will be manufactured in Finland, while the batteries to be produced in the United States.

While the production will be handed to the Finnish Valmet, battery manufacturer EnterDel will be responsible for the production step in the United States. Moving the department of development and design from Norway is also part of the plan.

Think has been in a severe economic crisis and they had revealed that they do not have working capital to buy the parts. The production of electric cars in Aurskog had stopped completely and the employees had been allowed free until 1st of August.

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