Editorial: A More Environmentally Sensitive The Nordic Page Magazine

In the turmoil of an increasing violence all over the world and ongoing
European financial crisis, environmental issues have been deferred despite its
pressing importance. We are aware that blaming the governments for failing in
their promises does not help anyone. On the contrary, our planet needs more
micro scale initiatives for a sustainable future. In this sense, all companies
are to actively establish new business practices to reduce their products’
impact on the environment.

Newspapers, magazines and other publications have the same
responsibility, as one of the greediest consumers of nature. The Nordic Page
has always strived to fulfill this obligation since its foundation in 2010 and
has adhered to transparent and science-based environmental standards.

In the new publication season starting with this issue, we consolidate
this commitment by re-launching The Nordic Page as Norway’s one of the first
publications approved by the leading environmental alliances.

Our magazine is now certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC),
The Nordic Ecolabel (Swan), and also meets Rainforest Alliance standards on
worker and community welfare.

As a special tribute to this important step, we present you a provoking
op-ed by Former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson on climate change as a
human rights issue. Besides, you can find an interesting selection of articles
and essays that once again cut across the vast and varied political, cultural
and social landscape of Norway.

This issue marks yet another renovation for our magazine. We are known
as a super local magazine which provides news and analysis about Norway. Now, we
have included a commentary section, where global scholars and journalists
present their unique perspectives on Norway and global issues.

As a reader, I invite you to rediscover Norway’s only printed English
news publication, The Nordic Page.

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