Why are betting apps so popular with Norwegian bettors?

Online sports betting has become a huge industry around the world. Betting on sports has always been a popular activity to do alongside watching a sporting event. Horse races have always been among the most popular betting sports, in addition to football and ice hockey.

Before online sports betting was possible, you would have to go to a betting shop or kiosk to place a bet or place bets at the racetrack. While this added a social element to the betting experience, it was also time consuming.

The Norwegian government has always instituted fairly strict laws governing gambling. There are two companies licensed to provide citizens with gambling opportunities — Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto — and both are state owned. Between the two, they offer sports betting, horse race betting, the lottery, online poker and other casino games

There have been some efforts to ban Norwegians from playing at offshore online casinos or betting with offshore online sportsbooks. A 2010 law forced Norwegian banks to refuse to process payments made to offshore online casinos. Payment apps and digital wallets have severely reduced any effectiveness this law might have had.

Despite these strict laws, there has been little enforcement and Norwegians continue to enjoy betting on their favorite sports. This article is going to examine the key reasons why betting apps have become so popular with Norwegian bettors.

Accessibility of odds and information

Online sportsbooks have made it easier than ever to find up to date odds backed up by the latest sports news. Plus, with more companies than ever competing to attract potential bettors, you’re more likely to be able to find competitive odds.

Betting guides don’t just direct bettors to the best sports betting apps in Norway, most sites such as also offer tips and odds as well. Some even allow users to submit their own advice and exchange their thoughts and expectations for sporting events. This communal aspect means that odds and tips can be developed in a thoughtful way and bettors have additional information to help them decide how to bet.


Whether it’s ordering food to our homes instead of eating at restaurants or streaming movies to our televisions instead of going out the cinema, we now have more options for entertainment in our own homes than ever before. Placing bets on an app from the comfort of home is just one more example of this.

Sports betting apps are much more convenient than going to place a bet at a betting shop or racetrack. It means you can bet while watching a game on TV at a pub or while out with friends, or even while commuting. Norwegians live busy lives and being able to fit activities like sports betting into a few spare moments is very appealing.


Only having two licensed companies to provide sportsbooks is very limiting. You can’t search for better odds to compare or bet on more unusual sporting events. The big international sports betting apps are far more likely to have bets on whatever niche sport you’re interested in betting on.

These sports betting apps are also likely to offer a wider variety of bets. Single bets are easy to find and so are accumulator bets, but the more unique prop bets usually require a bigger sports betting app that can draw on a wider pool of bettors.


The most basic reason that Norwegians have been turning to betting apps is the same reason that people have been betting on sports for centuries — it’s fun. Having money riding on the outcome of a game or a horse race just makes it that much more exciting. The extra adrenaline rush feels amazing, being able to treat your friends to a round of drinks when you win, or having people to commiserate with when you lose all add so much to the experience.

For those who aren’t particularly interested in sports but who have friends that are, betting on sports makes it much easier to stay engaged with the action on the field. Also, if you’re the type of person who enjoys research, the statistics and pattern tracking involved in planning bets can be a great hobby that engages your brain.

Governments around the world have been working to ban or limit sports betting and other forms of gambling for years and years. The reality however, like we’re seeing in Norway, is that no matter what restrictions there are, people will find a way to place bets. Smart restrictions that allow for online betting but protect customers and generate revenue for the state are the best way forward.


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